T2 Marca de Agua Digital

We are a technology start-up specialized in facilitating access and protection to physical and digital assets.

Our technology, based on the combination of blockchain and digital watermarks, allows us to secure, manage and track documents and digital and printed images (confidential document control, digital rights protection, identifications authentication and more innovative security solutions).

Why are we the ultimate solution?

Our vision is to become a worldwide reference in technology aimed at uniting the physical world and the digital world.

In line with this vision, T2Mad, through its international branches, already plays an important role in the implementation of advanced document security solutions in various countries throughout the world.

T2Mad not only incorporates a clearly differentiated technology–as it is the digital watermark–, but also adds advanced traceability and security features through the combination with blockchain in order to create a robust and reliable solution.

Asset verification becomes a deployable process at any stage in the system, allowing businesses, organizations, customers, citizens, inspection and control bodies, etc. to use and access standards.